Dr. Carl Robinson PhD.

Personal Solutions Expert

Hello everyone! It's Dr. Carl !  It's elating to see you here and I have just what you need to " know what's next" in your life. With over 26 years in counseling and 45 years in ministry we have brought Christianity and Psychology to full circle and there is no doubt that the psych and spiritual exist together. 
I was borne upstate Milwaukee, Wisconsin and later grew up in the deep south Arkansas State 60 miles from where Former United States President William Jefferson Clinton was borne and raised.  At age 9 while being raised by my grandmother was three quarters Indigenous  American Indian who only had a 3rd grade education and  an expert with long division, one day said to me 'Son be industrious. While only 9 years old I was intrigued so I asked her. Mama?  What's industrious? It was only then I began thinking for in dimensions. I  now had three things,.  I never had before. A reason, a mentor and a fan, my grandmother.
Although my father was not there I decided at the age of 10 to make my own destiny by choosing to see myself as wealthy and successful and influential even while playing out side in the cold in tattered genes  and a pair of old too small shoes. I became a Thinker , Writer,  Author ,  Minister ,  EMT,  Rookie Firefighter , Counselor and eventually a Humanitarian Entrepreneur with Global and Diplomatic relationships and mandates.
I am going to share this on all  my social media platforms as well my Blog-Talk Radios Shows like I have done for the last 8 plus years. Now I  have been asked to share my professional solutions with my new partners at " The Now Network". Join me as I reach out daily to millions of  social media, blog, radio  and Television audiences with my new show' "What's Next With Dr. Carl "
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