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Carl Robinson Ph.D,  CPC, CFLC, CAMS, CAMT

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                                    Personal Solutions Expert
Dr. Carl Robinson Quick Facts

Main Areas: Counseling Group, Personal Trainer, Relationship Management Trainer, Speaker, Motivator and Empowerment Specialist: " Anger Management and Emotional Intelligence and Personal Solutions Expert"

                             Career Focus : Author & Speaker


Service:                                        Rookie Fire Fighter & County Ambulance Attendant.

Business:                                      Owner Operator Genesis Credit Bureau & Repository Reporting 

Veteran:                                      United States Army 101st. Air Borne Division Air-Assault Ft Campbell Ky.

Awards:                                        2017 Recipient of " The Presidential Life Time Achievement Award"

Chamber Commerce:             Board Of Directors African Chamber of Commerce DFW

Counselor:                                Featured  & Noted Therapist & Counselor  on Psychology Today.

Certified:                                    Certified Anger Management & Life-Skills Facilitator and Trainer.

Author & Writer:                   The Best Anger Journal by Dr. Carl Robinson " Behavioral Health "

Corporate:                                Ceo of Innovative Life-Skills Training Center LLC.

Community Non-Profit:    Chairman & Ceo  Greater Dallas Community Development Corporation CDC. 

Diplomat Consular:             Appointed Honorary Consular General Democratic Republic Congo RDC.

Ph.D.  Doctorates:                 Ph.D. Philosophy in Pastoral Psychology, Doctorate of Human Arts & Letters, Doctors of Divinity

Education:                                 President of Harvest Christian University  (An Internationally  Accredited Christian School"


Dr. Carl Robinson has more than 26 years of counseling and training experience with a background in Philosophy in Psychology.  He has developed innovative ways that aid in understanding anger, emotions and feeling. Dr. Robinson has an exciting class room settings that will inspire you as he talks about Emotional Intelligence, Relationship Management for couples and marriages. You will learn new communication tools that break the barriers in times of conflict.

Favorite Quotes & Thoughts 

I believe in the genre of relationships that we have never been taught how to build relationships. I believe that every time we open our mouths it is an opportunity to teach and influence. Emotional intelligence is a must segment in relationship management because I believe you are either building your house of relationships or taking your house apart brick by brick to build the house you will be living in buy your self.

by Dr. Carl Robinson

Experience and learn about:
Anger Management, Emotional Intelligence, Healthy Communication. Proactive Counseling, Parenting and Co Parenting, Learning Emotions, Understanding Domestic Violence and Abuse, Managing Stress. Having established a group of the world's top Marriage Counselors and Consultants that have the ability to educate and train individuals how to successfully use marriage and relationship concepts that really work and create a healthier happier environment.

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  • Life-skills Training

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The Best Anger Journal: The Interactive 30 Day Cognitive Behavior Retraining Experience